EARTH - 3GROUNDING – A Gift from the Planet

Sometimes the greatest advances come from ideas hidden in plain view, and grounding is a simple idea that can make a big difference. Your shoes and flooring separate you from the Earth’s energy grid which means that manmade energy intrudes in you instead. The solution is really simple and at its simplest it means simply taking off your shoes – just walking on the grass will reconnect you to life as it is meant to be. Indoors at home and work, grounding-sheets and cushions maintain your living link with the Earth and help keep intrusive manmade energy-fields out.



Grounding yourself couldn’t be simpler or more natural – the products connect with the earth in a wholly passive way and the only energy drawn comes direct from the planet. All you have to do is sit, work, sleep as per normal – and the earth’s energy grid takes care of the rest. For many people the grounding re-connection really helps: from better sleep to improved immune function and a calmer mind. In a world full of manmade energy-forms there‚Äôs probably something for all of us in this natural link with our planet. Certainly a growing number of doctors, scientists and everyday people say the same thing: re-connecting can change your life.